The Reverend Steve's Tattoo

Reverend Steve Galindo of The Church Of Wood sent these photos recently, and I am posting them here for all Ed Wood fans to enjoy.
There is also a few words from The Rev. with each pic. Enjoy!!

Reverend Steve and his cat I, Reverend Steve Galindo, was just interviewed for FilmThreat magazine, and we talked about "Plan 9" and the Ed Wood Bible and Cinema Insomnia and Ed-Woodstock and Jerry Maguire. It is a really funny, killer interview and it perfectly summarizes the beliefs of Woodism.

And, due to a mix-up in the picture of me that they chose, one of my ex-girlfriends makes a small appearance. It's cool stuff.

Check it out!

WOOD BE WITH YOU ALL! -Reverend Steve

Reverend Steve's 'Ed Saves' Tattoo Here you go, pictures of me going under the needle getting my "ED WOOD SAVES" tattoo last thursday.

I am busy writing "LESSON 29: THE HOLY TATTOO OF ED WOOD" and I am 
about halfway done with that puppy. It should be up and running and 
ready to read at The Church of Ed Wood in the next day or two or 

In the meantime, here are the pictures of me getting the tattoo ...

You can see it in my eyes here, I'm freaked out.

This sign in the place made me feel better.

This is the start of it - note how skinny as all fuck I am.

This is me mid-tattoo. I am a huge wuss for any and all pain.

Almost finished ...

... and all done!

This is me later that night seeing it in the bathroom.

And this is it the next day.

And that is that. I now have the world's first and ONLY Woodism 
tattoo. Sure, there are a few people out there who have Ed Wood 
tattoos but I am currently the only person in the WORLD who has a 
Woodism tattoo. Today I watched the recalled Ed Wood DVD as my tattoo 
healed and it was a wonderful feeling, a feeling of purpose.

And I dare anyone and everyone out there who loves and respects Ed 
Wood and Woodism to get a tattoo as well. Or make a shirt and wear it 
with pride! or make some EDWOOD.ORG flyers and pass them out on a 
street corner. 


Love in Wood,

-Reverend Steve Galindo

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