Edward D. Wood, Jr.

I Awoke Early - Press Release

RavenStar Video Productions is proud to announce the completion of the first NEW Ed Wood video in over twenty years. Base on an unrealized Wood project, RavenStar's production of I Awoke Early the Day I Died, is a true Ed Woodian Classic. The story revolves around a psycho who escapes from the Somerset Sanitarium. He kills the attending nurse and flees wearing her uniform and blonde wig. After a night of murder and robbery, he eludes the police by hiding in a cemetery. In the cemetery, he happens upon a strange 'ritual' burial behind the main graveyard. After the ritual participants leave, he attempts to steal a jeweled necklace and ritual sword that are left behind. He is driven off by the wail of bagpipes and loses all his loot. The next day, he kills the cemetery groundskeeper and discovers a list of 'ritual' participants along with their addresses. He proceeds to look them up and kill them one by one in an attempt to recover his missing money. When he attempts to kill the leader of the group, his plans are thwarted in a most unusual (and Ed Woodian) way! The video stars John Kowalski as the Psycho and has a running time of 23 minutes.

I Awoke Early The Day I Died

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